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Youth Personal Training East Providence, RI

Kids & Teens experience a lot of stress and pressure from schoolwork, from their peers and from feeling a burning need to fit in. Hormone levels also tend to run high at this age and can even cause depression or anxiety.

At Futbol Performance Center, we believe that regular exercise can go a long way to helping teens alleviate these day-to-day pains and struggles. Our Personal Training for kids & teens program is designed to help teens get moderate to vigorous physical activity on a regular basis.

Our personal trainers will get your kids excited about exercise by finding out what physical activities they naturally love to do. Once we discover what motivates them, we build upon it and create custom workouts that tap into their creativity and imagination.

Cardio Exercises For Kids And Teens Rhode Island

Cardio and endurance exercises for kids and teens can be FUN. FPC coaches vary the cardio training frequently to keep it exciting and challenging. Some sessions can be more sprint-based and explosive, and others focus on increasing stamina and incorporate jogging, swings, box push-ups, jump squats, sit-ups, and jump ropes to help build endurance.

Endurance is something that develops naturally as kids get more active. Aerobic activity gets kids moving and increases their heart rate.

This kind of regular activity strengthens the heart and helps your body deliver oxygen to all cells, especially when it’s done regularly and for extended periods of time.

We believe it’s all about making exercise a lifestyle.

The more teens enjoy working out and start seeing results, the more they’ll want to keep it going, even carrying their new exercise habits into adulthood.

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